99.3% renewable resources


82% of our products is made from Global Organic Textile Standard fabrics and the 18 % of the rest do not use any pesticide to produce it.  

50 % of our textile products is made from flax fibers or certified low consumption water fibers as rainfed cotton or organic linen. 

99 % undyed materials, reducing chemicals release to oceans and blue water footprint, only threads and ropes has been dyed.

99.5% mono-fibers fabrics, they are not a mix of different fibers as each material is different and need to be separated to make easier recycling. 

89%  of the  main materials is shipped by land to our manufacturing site, avoiding to introduce invasive species, one of the causes of extinct ones. 

79% marker efficiency of our main materials consumption. It is in the design phase where are the most effective decisions to reduce impact.  

33% of our textile products use fabric from a CO2 neutral mill which is powered by wind energy.

Our materials are sourced from renewable resources carefully selected to offer quality, comfort and longevity. We look  for independents certifications  as Global Organic Textile Standard ( GOTS) and Global Recycled Standard(GRS).

We only select components that we can check the true origin of every raw material and country manufacture avoiding countries that don’t have high environmental safeguard standards in terms of waste and water treatment. We love natural organically grown colors as  dyeing section contributes to 15%-20% of the total waste water flow. We always value materials in terms of durability, energy consumed and recyclability balancing eco friendliness with long lasting. We are working on progress on knowledge energy and water consumption and all details about the impact, this helps us to choose more sustainable sources and getting in every step forward the transparency that we want to offer to our customersThe path to sustainability is a long one, sometimes industry is still not by our side because it requires time and a high economical support. As a customer, you have a role in influencing the market and the governments by selecting products which transparency and sustainability are the in the core’s brand so thanks for your support, it makes us stronger !