99.7% traceability


The journey from our raw to finished product is just a short trip compared to the standard clothing industry. 83% of the raw material and production stages take place within a 2200 kilometer radius of the manufacturing company in Spain. We need to be informed to start making better decisions. Every piece makes an impact and has a cost to the planet. We have split up every product into its raw components and traced the material and the manufacturing putting it in the product page. Knowing the origin ensures information is available to evaluate the environmental footprint and social conditions of sourced materials.


Waste and water management and water footprint of raw material  origin country are both important factors to consider when it comes to the environmental impact. Usually although we acquire product made in Europe, most of the materials come from Asian countries whose legislation is very lax in terms of waste dumping which is producing a huge damage in the water, wildlife and health workers. That is one of the reasons traceability is the key for a sustainable product, keeping control over the quality of the material and country of manufacture. Other reason is sometimes fiber selection is not a crucial factor in the total environmental impact of a garment, variations between regions and sites could be larger than the use of one or another fiber. That is why we  provide water footprint information  based on the real origin of the raw material, as usually this factor is not taken into account. We want to be honest so we talk about  those materials and processes that we have to improve in terms of sustainability and give a clear explanation why we still have not reach a suitable solution.We find that some suppliers are reluctant to give us the whole composition and origin, but this encourages us to keep pushing to demand more transparency in the industry.


We think being extremely transparent and demanding in what we publish just can be an advantage to encourage ourselves to improve our product. We want our customers to be mindful about the environmental impact that your purchases have. We encourage you to ask questions and do your research into the production practices and materials of the brands you support.