We use Chamaerops humilis which is an autochthonous plant from Europe. Our craftsman Jose goes to select and handpick it from the ravines in Andalusia in the spring and summer season. It is selected from the younger shoots. He has  a special permission required by environmental law  as this is a protected species. It is drooped inside for 5 or 6 months  and it is cut to equal sizes. It is braided using ancestral techniques which assure durability. Handcrafted bags made from the palm are not done by sewing together different pieces, they are made by weaving one piece and then adding a palm thread to the handle. 

The craftsmanship of the palm has been done for centuries, and it is to be supposed that in the Mediterranean its inhabitants tried to take advantage of the natural resources available to them to make the utensils they needed for daily tasks. So they found a large material in the palm leaf. Then it was when the work of the palm became a trade. Currently this trade is disappearing little by little, with the development of new materials such as plastic and synthetic fibers that have replaced natural fibers, that is why we want to recover this heritage.