circular design leaving plastic behind

 Ro was born out to reconcile ethics and aesthetics by offering everyday wear pieces and artisan initiatives. The brand is built on contemporary and timeless style while incorporating low water footprint materials.

Our garments  are manufactured 100% in Spain made with organic and renewable resources in limited numbers, from the lyocell thread to the fabric. We have 99% traced plasticfree materials. 

We know the origin of all our biodegradable materials. Interactive maps trace raw origin and manufacturing site for each material. Circular design guides has been set for every product. 

We believe every informed customer is a pillar for a more sustainable future. We provide sustainability scores and accurate information based on the region of origin, not avarages.  Honesty is at the core of what we stand for.

our dont´s & do´s

No targets for 2030. No distant customer relationship. No leaving out less sustainable materials information. No messaging with simplistic highlights

No recycled polyester nor synthetic in everyday wear. No viscose, modal and bamboo fibers. No dyed material from low standard water treatment countries. No “hybrid monster” blend fabrics. No organic cotton from regions facing water scarcity. See more



Most  problems earth is facing will be resolved with the access to information. Unsustainable consumption patterns  relies on lack of knowledge of the real cost to the earth that our purchases have. Natural resources are precious and we must  connect from the true value of our clothes.

We aim to work towards people could wear clothes that support their beliefs, who demand  honest information and believe circular design holds the key to sustainability. See more.


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