Simone jeans rainfed org cotton


Our Simone jeans are sailor style wide leg jeans. Featured with metal zip front closure and a stitched raw hemline.  The high waist and knee length cut creates an elongated silhouette. Trans-seasonal piece thanks to heavy fabric.

  • Heavy twill Botanically grown brown  organic cotton denim. This cotton comes from rainfed (no irrigation) agriculture minimizing the water footprint.
  • Made In Spain
  • It is 99% biodegradable.
  • Lyocell thread.
  • Traceability 99%.

0 liters blue water footprint perkg of cotton lint.

Raw_Spin_Prod:Brasil_Spain_Portugal/Shipped by sea.

We use heavy twill 100%  organic cotton free from genetic modification. It only uses rainwater to produce the raw cotton so we save fresh water for irrigation. It is produced using biodynamic growing practices. All the farmers and their families are just as much a part of a fair project audited from Spanish company, exercising total control over the growing, spinning and weaving processes. The camel color is its natural so no dye has been used. It is not applied any wet processes, just washing. This date is certified by our supplier .
*Conventional lint cotton cultivated in Brasil is 112 liters blue water footprint per kg. 98% less than average.

Raw_Spin_Prod: South Africa_ Austria_Portugal

Our thread is 100% lyocell which is fully biodegradable and home compost certified by TUV Austria. The wood pulp purchased more than half comes from South Africa from FSC plantations certified. Eucalyptus is the predominant type of wood, this wood is purchased from small-scale businesses and these partners prove their sustainability commitment to Lenzing.

Raw _Production:  Ecuador_ Spain

Our  undyed button is from Corozo nuts. They are made from a nut that is harvested once it naturally falls to the ground. Corozo comes from the Tagua tree that only grows in the lowland rainforests of South America. We are working with a local factory in Spain to produce a limited run of each of these buttons.

Raw_Production: Pakistan _Italy

We have substituted cotton for undyed 100% linen bias.  We will substitute  from European origin one.

Raw_Spining_Production: India_Italy_Italy

We use a gold premium free-nickel metal zipper with in a dyed 100%Organic cotton tape certified by Gots. The zip has been Oeko-Tex certified of class I of Standard 100. The company is committed in some ways to sustainability. The company picks all the brass teeth scraps and given to companies that recycle them. The metals are brass, zamak, steel, gold conflict free audited by Responsible Minerals Initiative but company has not facilitate the origin of these metals. As we don’t want to use organic cotton from India because water scarcity and waste we are looking for alternatives.

Tape Raw _Production:  Egypt_ Spain

Ink: Raw _Production:  Unknown_Italy

Label 100% biodegradable cotton printed with water-based ink. Some fading in the print could occur after washing. We have reduced the label to one instead of the three as in the industry standard. Although it’s a lot better for the environment than the industry standard virgin polyester or transfer with PVC (plastisol), we are working to find more sustainable alternatives.

Garment Measurements:

size 36: 67 cm at side seam, 95 cm side length, after 1st wash,

Length shrinkages a little bit (2%) in the first wash. Conventional cotton apparel is generally treated with chemicals to reduce the shrinkage effects of heat.

Model wears 36 and is 174cm height|82 bust|63 waist|90 hips

Fit/ Styling Notes: We’ve styled these pants with a tight fit. For a loose- fitting size up. It has a raw hemline in order to fray with your first wash.

Care: Wash in cool to warm water max 30°C with mild laundry detergent (nontoxic, biodegradable types preferred), do not bleach, do not no tumble dry, not dry cleaning, ironing medium. Let it dry naturally in line. Sun is free.

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